As a GAA community club we believe that participation in sport provides opportunities for our children and young people to grow and develop in a healthy way, while experiencing a wide range of social skills and experiences along the way. For us that all starts in our Grasshoppers nursery.

Our Grasshoppers nursery is the beating heart of Trinity Gaels. Every Saturday morning kids from ages 4 to 7 come to Drumnigh to spend an hour playing games based activities. They learn the basics of hurling, camogie and football; but more importantly they always leave with a smile on their face and looking forward to the next Saturday.

We have a comprehensive set of games and skills to practise in all codes to facilitate Grasshoppers. These are grouped in the following categories and assigned a level of 1 to 3, representative of the nursery year they are best suited to.

  • Basic Skill to Practise
  • Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Games Based Activities

We would encourage all our coaches and parents to reference these in order to help their children get the most out of their time in Grasshoppers.


Basic Skills to Practise

Hurling/Camogie & Football


Fundamental Movement Skills


Games Based Activities




TURAS Player Pathways

As with all aspects of our coaching framework, playing and coaching content is based on the TURAS Player Pathways. The below summaries our approach in Grasshoppers.