Player Pathways


Our Player Pathway Program

As a community based club, Trinity Gaels believes in a participation focused approach to kids in sport. We believe that all the children of our community have a place in our club and can participate in our games. To facilitate our children getting the most out of their time with the club, we have clearly defined player pathways based on the GAA’s Turas Coaching Model, that are designed to not just enhance playing experiences but to also allow children to get the numerous benefits that come with playing organised sports.

The Turas player pathways act as a reference point for our coaches, enabling them to tailor fun based coaching content to their teams that encourages participation and enable us to keep kids playing sport in fun, inclusive environment.

TURAS Coaching Program

Turas is the official coach development programme of Leinster GAA. Turas aims to assist coaches develop the player through age appropriate activities aligned to the GAA player pathway. This is done using the 5 Turas principals:

  • Testing and Challenging
    • Children should be challenged to improve at their level
  • Understand
    • The player is at the center of the game and provide individualised development
  • Resemble the game
    • All activities should be game based
  • All Players Involved
    • All players are involved all the time with lots of touches and decisions
  • Should always be Enjoyable
    • Develop a fun, appropriate and holistic GAA experience

Further details are available at:

Leinster GAA – TURAS Coaching Model

TURAS Player Pathways

Nursery – 4 to 6 years old

CCC1 – 7 to 11 years old

CCC2 – 12 to 15 years old