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Child Protection

Child Protection Officer: Cathrina McCarthy (0877417704)

Garda Vetting

If you are a new mentor on a team then you must complete a Garda Vetting if you were previously vetted by another sport unfortunately this is not transferrable and a new vetting application should be completed. It is now an offence to work with any child up to age of 18 without Garda Vetting, once obtained, it lasts for 5 years – onus on person to be aware of expiry date.  GAA vetting is done online. Please print ID form here: Garda Vetting

N.B  parental consent form needs to be completed for juveniles wishing to be vetted from the ages 16 – 18 – all juveniles working with teams or summer camps  need to be vetted any questions contact the Childrens officer. Please print form below in addition to Garda Vetting form. Garda vetting – Parental Consent 16 – 18 year olds


Code of Practise 

The code of best practise is a course all mentors should have all ready completed, but as a refresher the core documentation should be downloaded, printed and keep with your team documentation. It can be downloaded here:


Day Trips

Any Juvenile team arranging day trips separate to matches must get parental consent forms filled in and handed in before the trip: Parental Consent form



Garda Vetting

Garda vetting – Parental Consent 16 – 18 year olds

Children First Information Booklet

Parental Consent form